EPS Block Molding Machine

Introducing the EPS Block Molding Machine - Revolutionizing Your EPS Manufacturing Process!

Product Specification

Hydraulic Motor5 HP
Filling Blower3HP
Block Size2000x1000x500 mm (LxWxH)
Hydraulic CylinderDouble
Hydraulic Oil Tank230 Liter
Hydraulic pressure250 to 300kg
Hydraulic Valve24 VDC (Yuken)
Injector CylinderDouble
PhaseThree Phase
Voltage380 to 440 Volt
Automatic GradeAutomatic
SurfaceColor Coated
Structure metalMild Steel & Stainless Steel & Aluminum
Power SourceElectric Panel Control
ProgrammingSiemens PLC
Displayl10 inch
Power Load10 kw
Product Description:

The EPS Block Molding Machine is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art solution that will transform your EPS production capabilities. Designed with precision engineering and advanced technology, this machine sets a new standard for efficiency, productivity, and quality in the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) industry.
  • Key Features:
  • 1.High Production Capacity:Our EPS Block Molding Machine boasts an impressive production capacity, allowing you to produce a large number of high-quality EPS blocks in a short amount of time. This means increased output and faster turnaround, ultimately boosting your overall profitability.
  • 2.Energy-Efficient Operation:Sustainability matters, and we understand the importance of conserving energy resources. This machine has been optimized to run on minimal power, significantly reducing your energy consumption and operating costs.
  • 3.Precision and Versatility:Achieve precise molding of EPS blocks in various sizes and densities. Whether you need small, medium, or large blocks with specific characteristics, our machine delivers consistent results, ensuring uniformity across your EPS products.
  • 4.User-Friendly Interface:We've made sure that operating our EPS Block Molding Machine is a breeze. The intuitive interface simplifies the process, making it easy for your workforce to adapt quickly and maximize productivity from day one.
  • 5.Robust and Durable Build:Constructed from high-quality materials and components, the machine is built to withstand rigorous daily use and demanding manufacturing environments. Its longevity ensures a solid return on investment for years to come.
  • 6.Safety and Compliance:Safety is paramount, and our machine is equipped with comprehensive safety features that meet all necessary industry standards. Operate with peace of mind, knowing that your workforce is protected.
  • 7.Low Maintenance Requirements:We understand the value of minimal downtime. The EPS Block Molding Machine is designed with low maintenance requirements, reducing the need for frequent repairs and allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • Applications:

  • • Insulated panels for walls and roofs
  • • Protective packaging for fragile items
  • • Floatation devices for watercraft
  • • Thermal insulation for various applications

  • Experience the Next Level of EPS Block Production:

  • Embrace innovation and take your EPS manufacturing process to the next level with our EPS Block Molding Machine. Increase your productivity, improve product quality, and reduce operational costs – all while making a positive impact on the environment. Invest in our cutting-edge technology and witness your EPS production reach new heights of success!

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